How to Solve Easy Math Problems

We encounter math problems all the time whether as a kid, as a student, as a housewife, as a professional or as a businessman. All of us, whatever our age, gender or status in life are besieged with mathematical problems all the time. How to solve these easy math problems?

Well, there are times that even if we pound our heads or rack our brains the solution does not present itself. When you are stumped or plainly just puzzled with your math problem, you need to ask yourself these questions:


1. What do I know about the problem?

· List all the given information and details that you can get from your math problem.
· Highlight the key words you find in your math problem, such as increase by, decrease by, less than, greater than, etc.
· Look out for an assortment of units of measures such as kilograms, pounds, meters, miles, inches, centimeters, etc.
· Translate the problem into mathematical expressions if possible.

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2. What answer or answers am I looking for?

· Read into the problem and determine what answers you are to look for.
· Again, highlight the key words that usually denote totals or goals such as product of, sum of, difference from, etc.
· Be sure to check the smallest details or requirements.
· Translate the requirements into mathematical expressions if possible.

3. What steps should I take or do?

· Go back and check the details and information that you have.
· Find out if your facts and information will bring you closer to the answers that you need.
· To make things clearer, you can:

1. Create a diagram of the problem
2. Look for patterns in the problem
3. Create a list or chart if needed
4. Create scenarios, the more situations you create the better because you can look for the common factors
5. Do trial and error by working backwards
5. Try to simplify the problem to make it clearer

· Do things step-by-step so as not to mix-up the procedures

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