Are You Interested in Area Studies?

Area studies are a field of research that involves the interdisciplinary study of geographical, national, federal and cultural regions. It covers both social sciences and humanities. The study includes history, political science, sociology, cultural studies, language study, geography, and literature. There are many fields’ covers by it like Egyptology, Asian American study, Native American, Canadian, Latin American, Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Islam, and Iranian study. The study also includes East Asian Study like Sinology, Japanology, Korean, Indian, Dravidology, and Indonesian study. Some other types include Lao studies, Classical, Celtic, Slavic, Russian, and Pacific study.

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There are a number of institutes devoted only to Area studies. Some of the renowned institutes are: School of Oriental and African studies, a part of University of London and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. Apart from them, you can also gain knowledge through books. There are some useful books available online that can give an insight on this interesting subject. You can buy used textbooks online because books on these subjects are expensive. Used books will not only be lighter on the pocket but will also help you contribute to saving the environment. Recycling paper and using pre-owned books is a good way of conserving trees.

Area studies are an interesting subject for those that like to explore the unknown. It gives a deep insight into the culture, politics, economics, and language of a particular region. You can choose to specialize in an area depending on the type of study you wish to conduct. For instance, if it is language that interests you, then study it in detail. Learn about its origin, evolution, current trends and usage and what will likely happen in future.

Area studies may be linked with anthropology too since it involves a detailed study on a particular subject. It requires going back into the primitive era for understanding the chosen subject. In order to study this subject, you need passion and determination. You need not join a reputed institute for this. Knowledge can be gained through books. There are several websites that offer used books at a fairly reasonable price. Reading on this subject can be very useful and beneficial. Moreover, it will help you remain updated with the latest information.

Area studies need not be focused on a current area or a modern field. The subject mostly covers the primitive or pre-historic era. A combination of the native and contemporary studies is a good idea. Notebooks play an important role and used books can open a new window in this area. This field is an interesting path for new as well as seasoned researchers. You can develop expertise in this field in a few years.

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